How to do Brazilian hair straightening at home

The new Brazilian hair straightening procedure has become the talk of town and it is actually setting new standards regarding getting straight hair. In an average of two hours this new way of straightening hair will give you a stunning new look that should be able to take you an entire 4 months. If you are tired of those weekly salon visits that cost you no less than $100 per visit then this is the treatment for you. Brazilian keratin hair treatment is the new direction to go and you don’t want to be left behind.

Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment

This is basically an intense hair treatment procedure that leaves you with smooth and soft hair that will remain smooth for a good duration of time. There re no strong chemicals employed and as such your hair is going to be very safe at the end of the treatment. The use of keratin, which is a natural substance that comprises your hair at close 88%, is what makes the entire difference. Keratin gets to penetrate your hair and does repairs to it and further goes on to protect it from further damage. This is a protein that is rich in sulfur which makes it tough an insoluble.

Who gets Brazilian hair straightening?

Brazilian keratin hair treatment is a natural procedure that does not have any serious risks or side effects and can be comfortably done on all types of hair. Whether you have colored, virgin, kinky, curly, highlighted, wavy or previously relaxed hair this treatment simply works for you. The best part of this treatment is that even though the results are said to be temporary you can expect to have straight hair for the next 120 days on average. The following are the highlights of Brazilian hair straightening:

  • Effective on any kind of hair straightening
  • Is natural and based on keratin which strengthen the hair inside out
  • Works better than any other style on previously colored hair
  • You can take a plunge in the pool after only four days
  •  Only pregnant and nursing women should avoid the treatment

Taking care of your hair

Brazilian keratin hair treatment is easy to do but there are just a few precautions you must heed immediately after you have done the process. Make sure to take care of the following important things:

  • Wear your hair down for at 4 days before the process so that you bet best results
  • Use a blow dryer or flat iron as need may be
  • Always use a shampoo without sodium chloride al the time

The things you need to avoid in order to maximize your outcomes include:

  • Not washing your hair
  • Avoiding to tie the hair in a pony tail
  • Avoid using hair clips
  •  Avoid placing the hair behind your ears
  • Avoid exercise that will cause your head to sweat
  • Avoid using hair bands
  • Avoid using your hair to hold your glasses
  • Do not use gel, mousses and sprays

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